Friday Favorites

It’s the first of my Five Friday Favorites posts!

I was inspired to start these thanks to Dana at HouseTweaking and her “Made Me Smile” posts, and by Jessica atHowSweetEats with her “Currently Crushing On” posts. Because, I dunno. Maybe you’ll like something I do? Who knows if I’m cool enough to inspire like that.

Here are my Five Friday Favorites this week:

1. Do you like these bow shoes as much as I do? I must have them.

2. It’s National Public Health Week AND National Volunteer Week, AKA my favorite week ever.

3. My mini donut maker is unreal. Yesterday, I made mini donuts using nothing but a box of cake mix, mashed bananas and egg beaters. COME ON.

4. There’s a pizza place in Cincinnati called M Wood Fired Oven. They have a wood fired oven. I know, you weren’t sure either, but it’s an accurate name. It’s also delicious.

5. This is a sweater of truth if I’ve ever seen one.

That’s all she wrote! See anything you like? What are you loving this week?

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